3 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

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Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now…

In 6 words, describe yourself. Take a moment. Write it down.

Why 6 words? It forces us to be succinct with ourselves. Simple. Straight to the point. We will generally use single words, adjectives, to describe ourselves. But if I were to ask you to write your memoir in 6 words, how would that differ from describing yourself?

For many of us, describing ourselves is an activity that blurs the lines between how we see ourselves today and who we are looking forward to being. I would see myself, for example, as an activator, even if, in the current scheme of things, I am not fully realizing my activator potential. …


Rob Petrini

Leader. Activator. Motivator. Executive Coach → Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. Repeat.

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