• Samra


    I am passionate about covering different topics.

  • Andrew Cheng

    Andrew Cheng

    Shaolin student, Zen practitioner, Agile enthusiast, an atheist who’s nostalgic for his Christian days, losing sleep over the state of democracy

  • Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

    Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

    Published author, motivational speaker, educator, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: http://eepurl.com/g1Phiv

  • Zob Zaris

    Zob Zaris

    I’m over 65 and a new writer. Writing about Life’s experiments and adventures. www.ZobZaris.com

  • Areeba Merriam

    Areeba Merriam

    “Math is an essential tool for physics and physics is a rich source of inspiration in maths” |Researcher|MS Maths|Email: areeba@math.qau.edu.pk

  • Yvon Audet

    Yvon Audet

    Something to say? Write it!

  • Yağmur Şahin

    Yağmur Şahin

    Ankara University Faculty of Law | Gazi University InfoSec Eng. | METU Cyber Security | Data Security/Privacy Counselor

  • Dr. Johannes M. Schleicher

    Dr. Johannes M. Schleicher

    Love what you do, focus on essence and strive for the optimum. Creating simple solutions for complex problems @JadeMind (www.jademind.com)

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