Randy and “The Innovator”

Robrenisha Williams
May 17 · 2 min read

Randy Mueller is a Junior studying business administration and journalism at Fordham University. As a budding journalist, he is very interested in community based impact and is even a member of the Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory (a university-wide network of students, alumni, faculty, that produces and funds student run projects devoted to social innovation). It was under this guidance and leadership that “The Innovator” was born, a student-run magazine reporting on solutions journalism stories.

Early in 2018, Randy began to consult with people about the idea of a newspaper that was staffed by students who would do solutions reporting. The project began as a club, with 4 members who were interested in reporting on meaningful, equitable, and lasting change in their communities. These students, including himself, were not studying journalism but were up for the task of learning the craft using Solutions Journalism Network materials. They participated in webinars and went through the toolkits on the website. Randy discussed the difficulties of putting journalism into practice from a solutions lens without the background knowledge of the field: “only two of the six writers had written an article for a publication [beforehand]”. Nevertheless, students relied on their ideas of journalism, the self-training using Solutions Journalism Toolkit, and their own interests or university coursework to produce quality stories that the Bronx community would be proud of.

Randy says, “I wrote about farming and agriculture, someone else wrote about sex education, and someone else about the food system.” These issues are not unique to the Bronx, but with solutions journalism Randy and his team were able to depict how this community is actively working towards fixing these issues.

Interested in reading “The Innovator”, click here.

Powerful Quote: “I think it is important for students who are interested in producing media content, I think it’s important to consider all sides of the stories”