The view of SoHo from the ProPublica office on 6th Ave.

I was fortunate to take part in the Data Journalism Unconference hosted by Global Editors Network in New York this week. Attendees had the option of visiting two newsrooms for a “study tour” of their data teams.

I chose the New York Times and ProPublica, two publications I admire. Here’s what I took away from 1.5 hours in each.

When you treat designers and programmers with the same respect as reporters, magic happens

There’s a wall at the New York Times honouring journalists who won the Pulitzer Prize. For most of the 20th century, it was dominated by single reporters, mostly men. …


Canada has trade relations with 224 countries and territories, with which it trades more than 5,500 types of products and services. In 2014, Canada imported $511 billion in goods, and exported $525 billion, according to data from Statistics Canada.

But who are our main trading partners, and what kind of goods flow back and forth between us? The data I got from StatCan (get the data here) answers some of those questions. It details the amount and value of every product imported to and exported from Canada, for every trading partner, since 2009.

Let’s first see the big picture. The…

Roberto Rocha

Data journalist at CBC Montreal. Humbled and awed by human brilliance daily.

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