Traits for Success; How chaos was Anderson Cooper’s “why”.

It is an inherent trait for most individuals to run away from chaos. Chaotic environments drove Anderson Cooper’s success, in investigative journalism. It’s the theme in many of his stories. How did Anderson Cooper discover this?

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt (Documentary)

I have written previously about the Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper documentary “Nothing left Unsaid”. It’s a wonderful documentary discussing the untold life of Anderson Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

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The main theme of “ Nothing left Unsaid”

The main theme is the connection between Anderson Cooper and his mother. Until this documentary, Anderson Cooper had lots of questions about his mother’s life. They went deeper than any time before in their lives and their connection grew stronger. At 91, Gloria Vanderbilt is still full of vitality and creativity.

Anderson Cooper brought up the theme of chaos, during his interview with Charlie Rose and his mother. Why bring this up? It’s not until we have conversations with our parents or grandparents on a deeper level that we can discover more about who we are. Our core traits.

Why we are motivated to follow a certain path? How it can help us become the hero of our story?

It’s not an easy thing. We have the propensity to only desire what’s pleasurable and not what “could cause pain”. The operative term being “could cause pain”.

We don’t know if its going to be painful and it’s difficult to tread into the unknown. Anderson Cooper, probably had a degree of trepidation in pulling back the layers of his mother’s life.

Why dig deeper? What did Anderson Cooper discover?

It was not until Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt really dug deeper, that Anderson Cooper found that he was a lot like his mother. Anderson Cooper, always reasoned that he was more like his father, but discovered that was not all true.

There are some traits that we can easily see where we got them from. Gloria Vanderbilt liked to be in the middle of chaos. She thrived on it and so does Cooper.

Now from understanding this one trait, Anderson Cooper can answer a lot of questions about himself. It’s the underlying “Why” and motivation that led to his journalistic career success. He has been recognized as a journalist, who fights for the person or group, that is being bullied by a larger force.

Is your “why” in your own backyard?

Anderson Cooper made a conscious effort to look in his own back yard, so to speak, on discovering more about himself. In answering his “why”, he can build upon this as a foundation and motivation for further success in his journalistic career. It’s unique to him.

Could looking in your own backyard help in your success? Should you be asking the questions to dig deeper? Our traits are inherited by our ancestors. It’s not always easy to explain, why we do, what we do. The stories of problem solving, creativity, ingenuity, success, failure, and integrity from our relatives are important to hear. Our connection to our family runs deep.

Success by default or by design?

The success of an entrepreneur or family is not by default but by design. The answer is in the research of notable family’s that I have been looking at. Those family’s that are sharing and fostering a connection between generations, are laying a foundation for success in the next generation. The next generation develops an understanding and appreciation for the past generations journey to build a business and wealth.
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It started with a simple question, “ Is a family’s success by default or by design?”. Which has led me to help entrepreneurs and family’s share and connect their story with future generations.