Peer Review: Identify, nurture and reflect on your skills

A flexible model to identify and to nurture relevant skills, without loosing yourself in theory. (Not only for Scrum Masters.)

No need for awkward situations at a conference booth: Constructive Smalltalk on top of the regular session program

Looking for talents is different than looking for someone to do the job

A dynamic shift is challenging the financial industry

… but you can do something about it.

An unawareness for the Theory of Constraints (and a few other models) has led to a massive decrease of service and quality in nearby bakeries. And when the demanding customer starts to walk a mile for a good Brötchen, your business will soon be in trouble.

The concept of “good enough” is often mistaken by the definition of done. This comes at a price: An increasing technical debt of your projects.

Robert Lippert

Well, yeah. Agile Doing & Marketing otherwise.

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