I didn’t know I could actually talk to you people …

No need for awkward situations at a conference booth: Constructive Smalltalk on top of the regular session program

Every now and then we are visiting conferences not just as speakers or trainers, but as an exhibitor as well. For some reason, attendees expect you to sell something — that feels a bit awkward, especially when it is no sales fair, but a conference that is based on information exchange and networking.

So attendees are positively surprised when they find out, that they can actually discuss their own topics with us at our booth. That there are (almost) no salespersons behind the desk, but our colleagues, that would otherwise give a talk or a workshop (basically the same things we do for our clients as well). This is also where a constructive exchange of ideas may give you more value than listening to a talk where its slides will be available on Slideshare later on, anyway.

To keep things simple and short — I would like to encourage you to exchange ideas or to ask an exhibitor, if they are willing to listen to you or if they mind to give free advise. People behind the desk are more than willing to skip the part, were they have to sell you something, they didn’t know you would need it anyway.

Well, yeah. Agile Doing & Marketing otherwise.