Republicans, You Have No One to Blame But Yourselves
Matt Higginson

Matt Higginson’s editorial is “spot on”; but let’s not forget that, under President Richard Nixon’s reign, the GOP adopted a strategy of “benign neglect” for the African-American community and aggressively courted former “Dixiecrats” and former Klansmen and white citizens councils to build a new, expanded, voter base.

Of course, it was not too long after the Nixon era that the new “base” began to weed out the GOP moderates (“Republicans in Name Only “— RINOs) and the “mouth-breathers” soon took control and used their GOP political clout to gerrymander themselves into safe Congressional districts, nationwide.

So, now the GOP is reaping the rewards of this highly-successful voter-base building strategy.

Yes, they have nobody to blame but themselves!

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