The College “opt out”

In a time when the college degree has become the new high school degree, and getting a steady, reliable job has become harder then ever, I have taken a different path. I was enrolled at a small college, in the city of Pittsburgh, with the intent to go there to play baseball, drink, and “study” females. August 15th was the day the first tuition pamyment was do and that was also the day I limited myself to being a high school graduate.

Today, February 15th is 6 months into my journey and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice. I can’t say it has been an easy one though. If anything I wish I was in college…drinking on a Saturday night instead of hunched over my laptop doing work…the constant stress of being out on my own knowing that I need to be successful…looking at my bank accounts and seeing there is barely enough in there to buy a tank of gas all pushs me to my breaking point. But the truth is, it’s all aboslutly worth it. Running my own business, learning fast and on my feet has contributed more to my self development then the previous 18 years I was on our wonderful earth. Going foward I can not wait for the challeneges that are ahead of me and the opportunities to grow and become my best self. Also I am looking forward to giving the school system the giant middle finger when I prove you don’t need a degree to be considered successful!

So follow me on my journey of the road less travelled and see if I reap the benefits that are waiting at the end of the road.

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