Grammar and spelling aren’t your strong suit I see.
Isaac Black

Since you have determined that I am in high school, you might want to brush up on your cyber bullying laws as it relates to minors prior to responding again. In certain states, bullying children on the internet in grades K-12 is considered a crime and you will face prosecution.

You might also want to reflect how this conversation devolved into this. You began with suggesting that I read literature that supports your claim that presidents with deep, entangled, international business interests can act can act with full integrity when acting as president, and that conflicts of interest related to the presidency and said business interests are a good thing. I challenged you to locate this literature to educate me and to support your claim but you couldn’t (we both know that this literature doesn’t exist, and that Mark Levine would never write this). And because you are now trying to save face and avoid further humiliation, you have resorted to personal attacks.

Since you’ve proven that you cannot contribute anything intelligent to the topic of this discussion, I will end here. Next time you plan on commenting to somebody’s post, be able to support your views and claims, otherwise, you will be outed, once again, as an internet troll with nothing intelligent to say.

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