Pointerra is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company in the geospatial industry that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the ticker 3DP (ASX:3DP). Its founding Chairman and Director have successfully built a USD1bn technology company in the geospatial industry.

In 2016, they saw another opportunity to build a USD1bn technology company in the geospatial industry. This opportunity could satisfy a huge unmet need in a large and fast growing industry that they knew intimately and had been successful in before.

As a result of their experience, guidance and skill, Pointerra’s recurring revenues have grown 200% in the last 12…

Superhuman is Rohal Vohra’s second software company in the email space, which has received investment from the world’s best investors and has more than 100,000 people on the waitlist.

Rohal founded Rapportive in 2010, which is a Gmail add-on that provides people’s identity and key information on Gmai’s sidebar. It was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 for USD15m.

Similar to other successful entrepreneurs like Evan Williams and Robert Friedland, Rohal Vohra is building a solution to a bigger problem in an industry that he has already been successful in.

Why did Rohal start Superhuman?

Rohal is the Founder and CEO…

Rod Drury is a serially successful business-to-business (B2B) software entrepreneur with 2 successful exits and a multi-billion dollar global software company. His first business, Glazier Systems was acquired in 1995. Then his second business, AfterMail (email archiving) was acquired for USD65m in 2006.

Rod’s intimate understanding of the challenges in the software industry and the potential of the ‘cloud computing’, coupled with his proven track record of building successful businesses in the B2B software industry, meant he was perfectly placed to seize on the opportunity he had been waiting for more than a decade. …

Matthew Callahan is a serially successful entrepreneur. In particular, he has a proven track record in the life science industry and is responsible for more than 4 Food Delivery Association (FDA) product approvals.

Matt Co-founded iCeutica, which was acquired by Iroko for AUD60m in 2011 and successfully generated more than AUD120m in revenue for iPernica (now Nearmap (ASX:NEA)), which at the time of writing (Jan 2020) is valued at more than USD1bn.

Matt Co-founded Botanix Pharma (ASX:BOT), his latest biotechnology business in the dermatology industry. Botanix uses a proprietary technology called Permetrex™ to enhance the topical delivery of synthetic Cannabidiol

Anthony Thomson is a serially successful banking entrepreneur who has built two successful banks. He joined 86 400 as the Chairman to help build Australia’s first smartbank. 86 400 is a “neobank” that tells customers what’s actually going on with their money, so they feel in control every second of every day. All eighty-six four hundred of them.

After securing over USD1.5bn in deposits in his first two successful banks, Metro Bank and Atom Bank, Anthony’s guidance has seen 86 400 amass over AUD120m in deposits within 3 months of receiving a banking licence in late 2019. Also, 86 400…

Robert Friedland is a billionaire mining magnate, who just so happens to also be a mentor of the late Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple). The pair worked on Robert Friedland’s uncle’s apple orchard together, which coincidentally happens to be the name of the company Jobs famously started.

Friedland is a serially successful mining entrepreneur, who is responsible for more than 10 major mining discoveries, multiple billion dollar mining exits and over USD10bn in capital raised. He has been described as the most successful mining financier ever.

Robert Friedland’s current mining project, Clean Teq, involves using technology to bring to life…

Evan (Ev) Williams coined the term “blogger” and successfully built 3 digital publishing (blog based) companies. The first was called Blogger, which was acquired by Google and the other 2 reached billion dollar valuations (Twitter and Medium).

Ev’s proven ability to understand and capitalise on how people want to publish their thoughts together with how people want to consume others thoughts has led to 3 back to back successes in the same industry.

He pioneered the publishing/blogging industry for the last 20 years and continues to be at the forefront of how individuals of all abilities publish their thoughts (arguably…

A Harvard Business School study found that successful entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed when building a business compared to first time entrepreneurs and failed entrepreneurs.

According to the study, first time and failed entrepreneurs had a 20.9% and 22.6% chance of success, respectively, whereas already successful entrepreneurs had a 30.6%.

The data confirms that, on average, successful entrepreneurs are 9.90% and 8% more likely to be successful compared to first time entrepreneurs and failed entrepreneurs, respectively.

Successful entrepreneurs likelihood comparison
Successful entrepreneurs likelihood comparison

What makes successful entrepreneurs most likely to succeed?

Because successful entrepreneurs have done it before, they know how to avoid the main reasons why a company fails.

According to a CB…

Robbie Sita

Founder of Track Record | VP of Sales at Checkbox

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