How to become a writer in 3 steps

Welcome to this extremely comprehensible guide on how to become a writer. This is my first written piece, so I really know what I’m talking about here. Just follow the steps below and you too can become a member of the writing community!

Step 1

Sign up to Medium using Twitter to make all your Twitter followers follow you on Medium as well (none of my 3 Twitter followers had Medium, so far so good).

Remember to sign up using Twitter, or you’ll make the pretty bird sad

Step 2

Write your first story. Remember to have an SEO friendly title that also captures the eye of your target audience.

This image is so meta, I can’t even…

Step 3

Once published, remember to plead for attention on social media channels.

I actually have friends on Facebook so this might generate some views!
I just realized I haven’t changed my profile picture on Facebook…

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to ask for recommendations and for people to follow you. This way, you may actually get even more people to read your fantastic prose!

Please recommend and follow for more top-notch writing!
- Rob Smithcreek, Writer
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