So here’s the thing.
Anil Dash

I’m loathe to bash your article as it’s a well written opinion, but it strikes me that you’ve not taken in to consideration several things:

  • mainly that decisions like these are made through a long and iterative process, and that we have no insight into that other than the finished article — it’s similar to unsolicited website redesigns which are inherently pointless as they lack the full understanding of the brief and process;
  • the other consideration is that Apple don’t want you to be able to use it in a corded way, ever. By forcing an ugly solution to charging (for such short periods of time that this entire outrage that people are having is sorta pointless), it means that users can’t just leave their cord stuck in at both ends, thus ruining the Apple design ethos.

While I see where you’re coming from that the solution is ugly, it feels like it was a very deliberate idea; and that the alternative solutions — like an unfeasible front-facing port — just don’t work (or they may well have implemented them, themselves).