5 of the best cafes in Edinburgh for studying

I learnt something very quickly as I started my final year of university, I actually needed to study, no really study!

As in I needed to be reading or writing most days without feeling unescapable guilt. However for the restless and caffeine-obsessed like me, there is another answer to a dreary existence in the university library.

In fact there are 5. These are the 5 best coffee spots in Edinburgh to study.

Peter’s Yard

Arguably the best coffee you’ll find right next to the university, matched with marzipan mazarins when you get peckish, makes this place hard to beat.

It’s popular though with students and families alike so don’t expect to be able to hog a seat for hours on end. Anyway, once you’ve made it as far as Meadows Walk you might as well go to the library.

Still, a great choice for a caffeine injection and a change of scenery while you work.

Address: 27 Simpson Loan, Edinburgh EH3 9GG

Leo’s Beanery

Howe Street, Edinburgh

Tucked away on the corner of Howe Street and Northumberland Street is Leo’s Beanery. Despite the name the coffee isn’t anything special but they do a damn tasty English breakfast and have lots of cakes.

There a table by the window which is very cosy, whatever the Scottish weather is inflicting on the passers-by outside.

Best of all you can get the satisfaction of tucking into a large slice of coffee cake knowing that right above you are a classful of people exhausting themselves in 35C heat in a Tribe bikram yoga class.

Address: 23A Howe St, Edinburgh

Archipelago Bakery

Archipelago Bakery

This one is a bakery strictly speaking. However, its the place to be if you enjoy being surrounded my delicious baked goods whilst tapping away on the laptop.

Its situated halfway up Dundas Street which makes it a welcome break for those of us too lazy to climb the hill in the morning.

The coffee is the one let down but otherwise it’s always full of light and there are warm quiches on tap.

Address: 39 Dundas St, Edinburgh

Brew Lab

This is an Edinburgh coffee shop instituion. Slap bang in the centre of the university campus. It nails the urban coffee shop vibe. The coffee is some of the best in the city.

The cakes change a bit but sometimes they have a Malt and Pecan Blondie which is just incredible, so if you see it make sure you take it because they disappear like a mirage in the Sahara.

Personally I avoid the sandwiches because they are a bit overpriced and I’m not a fan of odd sauces and chutneys. Soup is always good though!

Address: 6–8 S College St, Edinburgh

Balcony Cafe, National Museum of Scotland

Why not study in what I think is one of the beautiful rooms in the Britain? The Balcony Cafe, run by Benugo, is on the first floor of the main room of the National Museum of Scotland.

It’s always flooded with light as the room is covered by a huge glass roof. It’s like studying in a Kew glasshouse without the palms and sweaty heat!

The best thing to get here is the Chicken Kobez Wrap.

Address: 1st Floor, National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

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