Mindfulness the musings of a Nurse

Mindfulness seems to be the new in thing lately, all this jiggery Pokery pyscho mumbo jumbo. But what does it all mean to the person on the street, in layman’s terms. To me, who ain’t no specialist no expert but I do dabble in it and practice it, I do feel it has a positive effect on my wellbeing my mental state. I feel a sense of calm, at peace with my self after a simple mindfulness exercise, an accomplishment that Yes I’ve defeated that anxiety, that feeling of dread. I CAN DO THIS

To me, a layman, a Nurse, mindfulness is a simple way of escaping the stress of life, of events which creep up on you unexpectedly throughout the day, those lurking round darkened corners waiting to jump out at you. I simply take myself away to a quiet area for what I call ‘A Mindful hit’

I love sitting in a quiet room with a ticking clock, though a clock that’s not to loud, now that’s just too annoying. Then begin by slowly taking 3 or 4 or 5 deep soulful breaths, filling my lungs & expelling that feeling of anxiety and stress. Then noticing, listening to the almost meditative sound of the tick tock tick tock. Noticing the pause in between and how deafening this silence can be, noticing how it makes me feel, almost breathing in rhythm to the sound.

Forgetting what was before re charging re focusing re energising myself so to carry on for the rest of the day. A simple but effective exercise, taking but a couple of minutes or longer, it’s your choice.

I guess the hardest thing is dealing with those crazy mad thoughts which pop up from no where, that ‘I need to wash the car’ or ‘where did I put the keys’ ‘god that film last night was rubbish’ you get the idea. But I’ve learned not to worry about these, there just thoughts, my organic brain doing what it’s suppose to do. Somewhere I heard said ‘imagine them in a balloon and let them float away’, which is kinda what I do but it takes time and if it doesn’t happen then that’s fine just don’t worry about it let them go naturally and carry on.