3 Snippets™ for an Engaging Presentation (Part 3)

Having been in new technology and new product introductions for over 30 years, I have developed a few presentation guidelines I follow. These have evolved by doing thousands of presentations to various audiences around the world. Perhaps these can help you.

  1. Use a Power Point presentation circumspectly. I usually try to limit any Power Point presentation to 10 slides. The Power Point is to augment your verbal presentation, not provide the script for your presentation. Use any charts, graphs, spider-web connectivity illustrations with great care. Most people in the audience give up after a few seconds of trying to understand your slide. Also, limit the use of bullet points per slide. Fifteen bullets on a slide results in some pretty small typeface.
  2. Try the functionality of the product/technology at the location before your live demo. I cannot tell you how many times a product /technology works great in your office but terrible in a client’s office. Can you gain access to the room before the presentation? Can you try it in the parking lot or in the lobby before the presentation? Sometimes, it works great in your country but not so well in another country. Try it out in the hotel room the night before.
  3. Keep your answers concise. I have seen more blunders as the amount of talking increases. Remember, if someone asks the time, there is no need to tell them how to build a watch. Brevity and clarity convey a mastery of the subject.

Once you are done with your presentation, have a call to action and discuss the next step. Unless your presentation is purely educational, you are asking for the attendees to do something. You should have a call to action and then determine the next steps. When will the decision be made? Who will be making it? Do they need more information before the decision? When can there be a follow up call or meeting?

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3 Snippets™ are mobile-friendly distilled thoughts meant to splash the mind and encourage thought. They are designed for the harried multi-tasking person of the 21st century.

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