3 Snippets™ for Doing Business in Africa (Part 2)

Doing business in Africa can be a daunting and fearful experience. There are so many unknowns, so many different customs, many various cultures and differing business practices. I will present a series of snippets for doing business in Africa.

1) Currency is not always easily exchanged. To convert your currency from dollars or euros may require an appointment at a bank and consume several hours. Also, the African currency may not be converted back to dollars or euros once you leave that country.

2) Visas are required for many countries and not always available at the selected African airport. Check all countries in which you plan to travel for visa requirements. Get all or some of the visas before you leave. If you allow yourself time, once in larger African cities, you can secure many of the visas in one or two days by visiting the local embassies.

3) Flights to Africa generally require many, many hours, even hubbing through Europe or the Middle East. Once inside a country, the flight to a neighboring country may require an intermediate stop in a different country due to the hub and spoke system of flights. So what might look a short flight to a neighboring country may end up taking 4 hours or more.

With a little knowledge and planning, you can participate in the rapid growth of Africa. If you enjoyed this article, please recommend and share below. Read other snippets at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rbelt More to come…