3 Snippets™ for Successful Cold Calling (Part 1)

For many people the fear of rejection ranks high in their overall human fears. If this is your fear, I believe it can be overcome. Over my years in business development, I have had to cold call thousands of times. I have culled a few ideas for successful cold calling.

  1. Do your homework before picking up the phone. Who are you looking for? Name? Title? Area of responsibility? You may only know one of these — -that’s fine.
  2. Have your message prepared succinctly — -elevator pitch. All you are trying to do in your initial contact is get people to say is, “Tell me more.” Then, you can go into your full oration.
  3. Show respect for the other party’s time. I believe that this is probably the most important. If I am respectful, I will have done my homework. I will be prepared. I will not waste their time. I will be grateful for any assistance they can give me.

You still may not hop out of bed eager to make cold calls. But, with a few tips you can accomplish your desired goals and overcome your fear. If you enjoyed this post, please recommend or share. More to come…

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