Windows 10 Will Make You Take Coffee Breaks

Well Microsoft, I resisted your offer for months to upgrade my wonderful Window 7 operating system. I will give it to you, you were persistent. I declined your advances for months and months.

Finally in a moment of caffeine-addiction weakness, I stepped away from my computer. Upon returning with a hot cup of Joe, I saw my computer was updating itself. It happens from time to time. Usually I am somewhat tolerant assuming it is a security patch or a system improvement.

This time it was different — -a few screens flashed that I had not seen before. All of the sudden, I realized that my computer was updating the operating system to Windows 10. I thought, if I abort it now, I might lose all of my data in some type of OS purgatory. So, I decided to ride it out. After all, Windows 10 had been out for several months. Hopefully, many of the bugs have been worked out by the early adopters. I’ll go take a coffee break.

Two and one half hours later, my computer tells me the system has been updated with the latest and greatest. This was not the plan for my day. Nevertheless, I am a big boy and will to take my lumps for the betterment of my computer — you know, take one for the team.

I must say, the last 3 weeks after the update have taken me back to a simpler time. My computer is running with the finesse and alacrity of the Windows 98 operating system. I now have plenty of time to get my coffee while I wait for web pages to load. (Just so there is no misunderstanding, I have checked my internet connection speed. It is unchanged.)

I also am reminded of the “blue screen of death.” Upon 6 different occasions after the upgrade, my computer has told me on a blue screen that it had run into a problem — not quite as bad as the “blue screen of death”, nevertheless, blue. The software was reporting the problem and would need to restart my computer in a short period of time.

So, Windows 10 comes with the benefit of an imposed coffee break delivered on a blue screen. Now I just need to remember the results of the latest coffee study. Is coffee good or bad for me? That’s OK, I will have time to contemplate during my blue screen coffee break.

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