SF Deltas CEO Challenge to Fans
Brian Andrés Helmick

Hi Brian, thank you for sharing this information. I’m curious to know where SFD projected to be, average-attendance-wise, at this point in time compared to actuals. It seems reasonable that building a sustainable level of fan awareness + interest + loyalty needs longer than eight home matches over a four-month span. I welcome your thoughts about if the Club’s year-one growth projections were achievable (in other words, is the attendance-to-date really the root cause, or the Club’s expectations for same?)

The data regarding one-and-done attendance suggests to me that the region hasn’t formed an emotional connection with the team yet, which would then offset some of the barriers to entry (ease of ingress/egress by car, limited parking, cold weather at Kezar, no scoreboard, ability to deliver an upscale or luxury experience to fans that desire it, etc).

As a fan of SFD and a great admirer of what you’ve all created from scratch, it’s disappointing to hear that the club risks insolvency if things do not soon improve dramatically. I certainly hope that they do.

Best, Rob

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