Software Updates and Upcoming Plans

There’s been a lot going on and now we have a bundle of updates packaged into a hard fork for testing this week. Here’s what’s included:

  • Bug fixes on P2SH multisig addresses to make them compatible with replay protection.
  • Upping the community funding to 12% of block rewards, adding the 3.5% secure node rewards to the current 8.5% pool. These funds will be held in escrow until the secure node network goes live.
  • Swapping out old community fund addresses for new ones.
  • Changing the requirement for community fund UTXO to first be sent to z_addresses. These funds will still all be sent through z_addresses before being spent to preserve fungibility, but requiring it in the first step limits multisig security.

All of these updates have been tested in development, but are moving to testnet with a hard fork scheduled for block 85,500 on testnet tomorrow. We’ll schedule a mainnet implementation next.

Other Recent News

  • The Zen Blockchain Foundation was officially launched, which will be the nonprofit custodian of community funds and our primary contracting vehicle.
  • BIP-115 replay upgrade augment previous protections.
  • Yours truly spoke about cryptofinance and privacy at BIP-001 in Odessa this last week. Video, pics, and recap soon to come in another post.

On the Agenda this Week

Our big emphasis will be on stepping up communications; we’re looking for a dedicated social media manager to coordinate communications channels, a part-time marketing manager, and a weekly team update. Let us know if you or someone you know is interested in either of these roles!

The team update is being formatted into a recurring slide deck with video commentary, but I’d also like to set up a weekly Mumble open to anyone.

Investigating Replay Damages

Now that we’re through the replay attack vulnerability, we’re doing a damage assessment and will be looking to remedy losses. We’ll come out with an official policy this week, but let me know if you believe you suffered losses from this exploit. You can contact me directly at and provide any details of the erroneous Tx you have available.

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