ZenCash Hard Fork at Block 139,200 on Friday July 21th 14:00 EDT

Software updates that have been in testing since July 9th are now ready to be activated via hard fork this Friday at block 139,200 ~14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC). To recap, here’s what’s changing:

  • Bug fixes on P2SH multisig addresses to make them compatible with replay protection.
  • Upping the community funding to 12% of block rewards, adding the 3.5% secure node rewards to the current 8.5% pool. These funds will be held in escrow until the secure node network goes live.
  • Swapping out old community fund addresses for new ones.
  • New DNS seeders for improved network discovery.
  • Changing the requirement for community fund UTXO to first be sent to z_addresses. These funds will still all be sent through z_addresses before being spent to preserve fungibility, but requiring it in the first step limits multisig security.

Here’s How to Upgrade Your ZenCash Software. This is a mandatory upgrade that must be done before block 139,200, which will occur around 14:00 EDT on Friday the 21st.

The ZenCash development team is working hard to continuously improve our system. Many thanks to @lpsun, @anarch3, @lukas, @cronic, and @smrtz getting this ready and for all the hard work in #developers testing!


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 ZenCash on Bittrex — https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-ZEN
 ZenCash on TradeSatoshi — https://www.tradesatoshi.com/Exchange?market=ZEN_BTC
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