The Best Day of My Life

I think I have the best job that any 17-year old could possibly have. I work for a social media sports company called Sicksports. I started working for Glenna Patton the Sicksports CEO in May of 2014 and have loved working with her and for the company ever since. I was hired as a teenage sports reporter to interview collegiate and professional athletes. In my first summer at Sicksports, I interviewed lots of cool athletes; football players going into the NFL as well as players already in the NFL, a female soccer star and top softball player. Skip ahead to May 2015, Glenna told me that she wanted me to interview Joe Panik and Dave Flemming of the San Francisco Giants. I was absolutely, 100 percent stoked! I am a huge Giants fan and have been my entire life so naturally when I was told that I would be interviewing Joe Panik and Dave Flemming, I could not contain my excitement. Fast forward to June 23, 2015 when I was given a credential that allowed me to go into the dugout, onto the field, and be just a step away from the players I have idolized for years. I looked at my credential and it said “Rob Werner, Sicksports, Press.” I was the press! I couldn’t even believe it after reading it over and over again on the lanyard around my neck. First stop was to the dugout where Madison Bumgarner passed by en route to the clubhouse. I was speechless… did I really just see the MADISON BUMGARNER one foot away from me! The day didn’t get any less exciting after that as players started trickling out from the batting cage and the clubhouse saying hi to me and some even stopped to talk to me and my friend and fellow teen reporter Alison Davis, like the very nice and funny Gregor Blanco. At around four o’clock Joe Panik walked up into the dugout where I introduced myself and let him know I would be interviewing him. Joe and I walked to the bullpen and then into the stands where the camera crew was all ready. Joe was so chill that I relaxed and had a great time interviewing him. He was a really down-to-earth guy who is just having fun living out his childhood dream. (How cool is that to see!). Joe and I had a great long conversation and took a few pictures to commemorate the special moment. Then it was time for me to head to the press conference room to sit down and interview Giants play-by-play announcer Dave Flemming. Talking with Flemming was such a cool thing for me to do because I want to go into sports broadcasting and have wondered whether I want to be a play-by-play announcer, reporter, journalist or anchorman. He told me about his journey and how he had gotten better and better as a commentator over the years. Like Panik, Flemming was very kind to me and wanted to know how I got such a cool job by 17 and what my plans were in sports journalism. After my two interviews were finished, I watched batting practice from the dugout until I walked to the left field bleachers to try to catch a home run ball. I got two balls. My next stop was the press box to drop off my Sicksports backpack. I grabbed some food in the Giants press and media cafeteria and headed back to my seat. I watched Madison Bumgarner take a no-hitter into the fifth inning and strike out 14 Padres before the Padres came back to beat the Giants in extra innings. I had been at AT&T Park for over 11 hours but wasn’t ready to leave just yet… I rushed down from the press box as fast as I possibly could to see the postgame interview with manager Bruce Bochy. I was so nervous I thought I couldn’t ask a question. After I heard three reporters ask questions I thought to myself “Rob, you can do this. You know just as much as some of these guys.” Then, I took a deep breath and asked why Nori Aoki was scratched from the starting lineup. Bochy responded that he had a fractured fibula and was placed on the DL. I was the one who uncovered the news of Aoki’s injury being more serious than the Giants expected. I felt like I belonged in the room with these top-notch reporters. After 12 hours at AT&T Park, I was finally ready to go home. What an incredible day!

The interviews turned out great. You can see my interview with Joe Panik and Dave Flemming exclusively on the Sicksports, the new, free, app. A friend of mine interviewed third baseman Matt Duffy along with GM Bobby Evans and in-game reporter Amy Gutierrez. The Duffy interview is already up with the others coming out soon! Check out the new videos!

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