Another Empty “Bombshell” Russiagate Story
Caitlin Johnstone


What are you writing about? This is not the story. The story is that Flynn was directed to say and do what the Transition Team higher ups told him to do. This reaches right into Trump’s closest inner circle. And Flynn has agreed to a plea deal based on him telling more of the real story. So at this point in time we still have no idea what will actually be exposed or come out; just as we have very little idea STILL as to what Russia really did to help Trump get “elected” or what the actual collusion is, if any.

But why do you continue to write such trash as though you already know what the real story is; when you are not either in the intelligence field or a part of Mueller’s investigation. WE DO NOT KNOW what either of them know already; because the are not saying. This is how such investigations work. They purposefully do not say what they know or have; so that they can get people to talk about what they know due to fear of being prosecuted themselves.

This is the real story. We are getting much much closer to the truth about what really happened. If this type of an investigation had happened re 911 Bush, Cheney and many others within the Bush Administration would spend the rest of their lives in jail. Same as Reagan and team re Iran Contra and the election they (GOP operatives) stole from both Carter and Gore, etc.

If infuriorates me what Trump and the GOP are doing to destroy our country while claiming to make America great again and tell lie after lie after lie; while meanwhile we are the laughingstock of the international community. I am at least glad that all of this is getting exposed, as dyer as the results will be in the real world.

Rob Wheeler