TL;DR I wanted a train app aimed squarely at the commuter. I couldn’t find one out there so a buddy and I built one over a hack weekend and a few evenings. You should definitely download it.

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Some sketches, flows and dubious designs. My son trying to make sense of James’ pull request (top right)

Why build a train app

I commute in and out of London 5 days a week and I quite like it. I manage to get a seat most days, get some work done (I’m writing this on a train) and get some exercise as I walk from Kings Cross Station to Somerset House where I work.

There is one bit I don’t like though — that bit at the station. Looking up at the board working out what train will get me home first and what platform I need to race the masses too ensuring I get a seat (will give said seat up obviously for someone who needs it more of course).

We just started to roll out a new Hailo. It’s our first redesign in 3 years and paves the way for some exciting plans we have for the future. We spent time thinking about where Hailo is today, what’s worked well and what could be improved.

If you’re interested in the reasons for redesigning or just curious about our process then read on. Or download it for iOS and have a play. We’re adding a few final touches to the Android version which will follow shortly.

Why redesign?

Early in 2014 we took our first steps into exploring what Hailo would look like if we offered car choices other than taxis. Different choices mean different pricing tiers; as a result, we also had to consider how we could offer complete clarity when communicating pricing to our customers. This is something we were passionate about doing well as we felt it was lacking both in our current product and from others on the market.
After talking to a lot of users and testing early prototypes we learnt some important things. …


Rob Winters

Dad, husband, geek. Former head of design @hailo now @thetrainline Hiring product designers in London

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