The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

This is an interesting article. Thanks. I’ve been thinking about it today and came up with a few additonal points for discussion:

1) The ‘coalition of the cool’ can actually be a coalition of people who simply need some solace from opinions that seem bizarre and alarming to them. For me, the most poignant recent example is Brexit. While I’ve tried to refrain from mocking anyone for their beliefs, I’ve found relief and humour in discovering that others are equally disturbed by the outcome of the referendum and the ensuing political climate of the country I was born in.

2) Sometimes people don’t know why they think what they think. Other times, there is a disconnect between why people *think* they think what they think, and why they *actually* think what they think. For example, they think they vote Republican (or Tory, or Labour) on a policy basis, but it’s actually because of a deep-seated social and emotional connection to the belief that voting Republican is the right thing to do — a belief that people like them vote for the people they vote for. It can take an enormous amount of skill, compassion, and patience to tease out the difference.

3) Some things are factually correct, or incorrect. Treating them as equally valid opinions does everyone a disservice. I’d suggest climate change as an example. That doesn’t mean people should be mocked for believing it’s a hoax, or whatever, but it does mean their opinions should carry less weight when determining policy.