To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

Thank you

Thank you Laura for sharing your story; I have 3 sisters and was so fortunate to be raised with a more feminine upbringing to understand a different perspective of the world. As a more effeminate gay male than your average jock, I have in my own way seen some of the dominance that can uncomfortably be asserted by men (whether directly or in relation to my female friends). It is a down right outrage every time I experience this, and every story like yours gives me more courage to stand up in times like this. Though I have an in-tune effeminate side, I am admittedly privileged to be a “straight-passing” male in our culture. If nothing else, I want to be an ally to anyone who is made to feel less powerful or important and this has encouraged me to be more mindful of that this week. Sending love and wishing you an aura of love and respect from the people you encounter.

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