Trump Oklahoma Campaign Chair Busted in Motel With Underage Boy

Trump Oklahoma Campaign Chair Busted in Motel With Underage Boy: State Senator and former Oklahoma Trump campaign chair Ralph Shortey, a family values Heartland Baptist Bible College graduate who is known for his bill to ban fetuses in food, is facing numerous charges after he was caught in a Super 8 Motel room with a minor boy.

Good grief, fetuses in food? What would that be called? “Baby food?” If this is true, just think about the impact this could have on programs like Meals on Wheels? One thing’s for sure, next time I go out to eat, I’ll be sure to tell the waitstaff “hold the fetus.”

Now at first I wondered — what the hell would a Republican big-wig be doing holed-up in a Super 8 Motel? Then it occurred to me that this is about the only option available when you need to find a place where you can pay in cash — and by the hour. Besides, when you’re in Oklahoma, a Super 8 Motel is probably the closest thing to a Trump Hotel they have.

In his defense, Senator Shorty’s attorneys are claiming their client is innocent and the police were just out to “Get Shortey.” Which is possible, I mean he and the kid could have just been having themselves a grand old Bible study in that sleazy motel room. You know, sharing their favorite verses from the Gideon Bible sitting on the nightstand. In fact, that verse “Spare the rod, spoil the child” kinda comes to mind.