Week 1

This week in class we learned about organizations. The most common type of organization people think of is corporations. However, things such as governments, charities, and non-profits are also examples of organizations. Communication within organizations is extremely important. Organizations basically lay out who does what in order to accomplish their goals, and this is done through communications.

We also l learned about the Four Great Challenges. The first challenge is globalization. Globalization basically means our world is getting smaller. We are more connected now — on personal and organizational levels — than ever before. With simple apps on our phones we can connect with people on the other side of the world. Organizations have to figure out how to communicate effectively with partners that may be in a different country and different time zones. The second challenge is terrorism. Terrorism is something that has been happening since the beginning of civilizations. However, being globally connected makes it easier for terrorists to recruit more people. ISIS, for example, has used Twitter and Facebook to connect with potential recruits. The third challenge is climate change. Climate change is something that has been coming up a lot in recent years. Organizations are now under pressure to change certain practices and policies in a way that would benefit our environment. The last challenge is demographic change. The United States population is changing in several areas. Organizations must adjust to and be able to market their services or goods to the changing demographic population.

The last thing we learned this week is that the Earth is flat. Thomas Freidman talks about how the world is so connected now that it is becoming smaller. He goes on to say that we are in the third era of globalization in which content is shared through individuals. This is crucial to the Earth becoming flattened because now that internet access is becoming easier to obtain all over the world, users can upload their content by themselves and share it globally. Therefore Freidman comes to the conclusion that the Earth is flat.

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