Look Around, You’re Missing Out

You’re fat.

You’re ugly.

Body shaming. What an ugly world we live in where both men and women are constantly put down and shamed over what they look like. What a harmful practice that has been thrust upon us.

What defines beauty? Who is this enchanted being that decides what is attractive and what is not? Who sets these standards?

Answer: Nobody!

The media, in all of its glory, however, has the biggest impact on how we view each other physically. In return, the diet, cosmetics and health industries BOOM when impossibly high standards of beauty are set that are almost impossible to attain.

Take, for example, being thin. We aren’t all born this way. One of the glories of the human race are that we are different and that we come in all shapes and sizes. We are short, we are tall, we are thin, we are thick; the list goes on and on. For years, the media taught us that we needed to be tall and thin and have exposed ribs. Diet pill sales were at their highest during this period. People all over the world ate up these mostly placebo pills in order to achieve this impossibly desired look. Think about this…it was sexy to look like you were sick and starving!

Enter the era of plastic surgery. The number of nose jobs, face lifts and breast implants rose to an all time high. Botox, chemical peels, collagen lip injections and colonics…where does it end? At some point in time this showed a sign of your status. How incredibly vain. We put ourselves through incredible amounts of pain to physically alter how we look.

Then curves were the trend. Way to go J. Lo, Beyonce, Kat Dennings, Kelly Clarkson and even those Kardashians for empowering women of different statures to embrace their feminine curves. Now we’re all squatting our asses off (ironic, isn’t it?) to get that bigger but and amazing waist.

Now toned and muscular. We are not expected to be rail thin anymore, but to build muscle and have definition. Cardio, weight lifting, yoga, PiYo, P90X, it’s all out there, and we all fall onto another bandwagon of the latest craze in fitness.

What fails to be shown to the world, are regular, normal, everyday people. We are all different in so many ways that are beautiful. Let’s stop focusing on the outside and start looking at what’s on the inside. After all, isn’t that what counts at the end of the day? If we could not see each other, only speak to one another with no visual, the things we would discover about each other would blow our minds. We would find true heros, romantics, people who care, boundless love, empathy, endless traits that would open our eyes. So let’s do this together, make an extra effort.

We all have hearts and we all bleed the same. We all have emotions that can get crushed in the blink of an eye. It’s time to stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution. Together we can make a difference and a positive impact on those around us. Let’s embrace each other for something other than what we can see, but something that we cannot.

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