HER’S Next Chapter: Building the collective power of queer womxn

We first launched HER 3 years ago when there were hundreds of apps for straight people and gay men, but nothing that had truly been built for queer womxn. We were a team of three that knuckled down and focused on what we saw in our community; the nuances, the queerness, aaaallll the feels, everything we knew we could reflect in our own app.

We launched on iOS and Android, we went live in 55 countries, and we grew our community to over 3 million users. Looking back, it’s a pretty wild accomplishment because at every single point we were told ‘there is NO WAY this can work’. Not enough women, not enough money, not enough motivation. But we called BS and went on to build this huge, powerful, diverse community that is so much bigger, bolder, and prouder than we could have ever expected.

HER’s community is a global one, from Brazil to Indonesia, and it’s an honor to realize we’re a part of our community’s everyday LGBTQ+ lives. We’ve focused heavily on building one-on-one connections, whether that be for friendship or dating, and have seen millions of relationships created as a result. But the need from our community has outgrown this, our audience has outgrown this, and we need to support and reflect the changes we see in the world and in our community in the next chapter of HER.

Our LGBTQ+ community has led some of the greatest movements for social change over the past 50 years. These movements originated in physical spaces, places where people could gather and build ideas and momentum. But as LGBTQ+ bars and physical spaces come increasingly under threat, we need to make sure that collective spaces still exist. Where groups can align around beliefs and ideas, to drive conversation, ask questions, and build movement.

At HER, we want to build the power of the collective.

We spent months with users and the wider community to understand what they see their greatest challenges and desires to be and we looked at the data behind the changing identities of our user base to build our powerful new Communities feature.

Communities are dedicated spaces aligned around a common belief system or identity group, where people can find the others like them to share ideas and build relationships. As we move to a future of fluidity, where sexuality and gender are found on a spectrum, where labels remain but are not set in stone, a fluid future is one that allows for fearless exploration and unrivaled support and that is the culture we will be building in our Communities. A space that is safe and fearless.

In support of our next chapter, we’ve also released a new brand identity, one that represents the new world we’re moving to. A logo that shows our belief in a fluid future, that asks you to look twice because everything is not as it seems. Our imagery shares who our community is, built from a photoshoot we held with 43 members of the community, all with different, intersecting, identities. As we continue to build this brand, it’s our mission to travel across the world, photographing people in different communities and reflecting your identities.

We have worked relentlessly for 3 years to make HER a platform that is here for queer womxn, that is here to stay. And now we’re ready for what comes next. For our next 10 million users, wherever they may be. We’re committed to creating this space and in supporting you in your everyday journey to better understand and celebrate yourself, your identity, and the world of others around you. If we were able to create this impact by connecting people one on one, just imagine what we can do when our collective power comes together. Fearless, supported, and here to lead the change. It’s Time for HER.

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