3 Teamwork Lessons Businesses can learn from Adventure Racing

The importance of a motivated, functional team to organizational success cannot be overstated.

If you have small teams of men and women in your organization, trying to make it through a seemingly endless series of checkpoints, on a quest for a nearly impossible goal, against extreme time pressures, in quickly changing market conditions, and trying to do it better than anyone else in the industry, you are an adventure racing team.

Check out how Robyn Benincasa, full time firefighter, 2x adventure racing world champion, 3 x Guinness World Record Kayaker, and a CNN Hero for founding the Project Athena Foundation, and her Adventure Racing keep moving forward toward their audacious goals with one heart and one mind — — and what business leaders can learn from it.

Be Ruled by the Hope of Success versus the Fear of Failure

Are you consistently doing what it takes to “win” versus simply “not lose”? It’s a completely different mind-set and leads to vastly different outcomes.

Great leaders are shattering the norm, changing the game and doing things that have never been done in an effort to propel their team to the next level. They are courageous — not only in terms of innovation, but in terms of perseverance — taking step after step, day after day, relentlessly pursuing excellence.

Offer a Tow Line but Most Importantly, TAKE One

Leave your ego at the start line. It’s the heaviest thing in your pack. Over the long haul, leader or not, we are all going to be the strongest link and a weaker link on our team. We happily offer our strength to our teammates when they need it, but how many of us are also offering our weaknesses to the team?

On Robyn’s adventure racing teams, every racer has ‘tow lines’, hanging from the back of all of their packs. If a teammate is feeling strong, s/he offers it to a struggling teammate. In a low moment, they grab a tow line from someone stronger and get lightly pulled along at the faster pace until they recover. By ‘suffering equally’ you’ll get farther and faster.

Inspire “We” Thinking

We are all conditioned from a young age to see winning as something mutually exclusive, as in “For me to win, you must lose”. We are wired to compete, at everything. And we do, even to the detriment of our friendships, our colleagues, our companies and even our marriages.

What if you decided to instead see a world full of potential teammates instead of a world full of competitors? You would not only be happier, you’d be far more successful. Great leaders understand that in the quest to become the best of the best, consistently building and inspiring a team that is able to connect to one another for mutual gain is paramount.

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