Yes it’s true, i got a damn tattoo!

Why would a 45 year old woman go get a tattoo? Mid-life crisis, the temporary crazies, looking for attention, possibly ptsd? Maybe she just thought it was beautiful. So tell me this. Why do people really give such a shit about what other people do to their bodies? Iv’e given this some thought and compiled an interesting list of people types. You know what i mean. The prude (oh, it’s very pretty, but i just don’t understand why some people feel the need to desecrate their bodies). The envious one (can’t muster up the courage, but deep down inside they really want this). The religious fruit loop (don’t you understand that God finds this to be an abomination)?

Whatever the reason is, I don’t give a rats ass and either should you! Of all the seriously important things in life people should concern themselves with, this just isn’t one of them.

I recently read a post on Facebook about a young nurse who was sadly discriminated against for her piercings and artwork covering her body. I also remember something mentioned about pink hair. I have to personally note that this young lady is beautiful. More importantly she cares for people in her community and does an amazing job of it! It’s doubtful that some extra color, art or piercings on one’s body prevents one from performing their job at work.

As for me personally, i have dealt with the bullshit. I have seen the looks and heard comments that frankly just make some of these people look like the self- absorbed, immature, petty people that they are.

Proud of my body art…

My reasons for getting this tattoo are somewhat private, Love and family have everything to do with it. Would i do it again? Absolutely. And the story continues…

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