When did sharing financials become cool?

I’ve been a tech geek ever since I was gifted a Commodore 64 by a family friend when I was 10, and in lieu of the gift, I was required to learn BASIC for 30 minutes a day before I could play any Lazy Jones or Gianna Sisters from the floppy disk.

So it was only natural that I was an early adopter with MySpace, MSN journalling, then Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and now this is my first post on Medium (not such an early adopter there though!)

So what began as a desire to communicate with real and online friends in our global interwebs soon became a side business for me, as I learnt that I could monetise my blog that I’d built out of pure fun, and start creating digital products to sell.

In 2010, when one of my loyal blog readers told me (and I obliged) I just had to buy a Flip cam and a book called Crush It, by a guy who ran a TV channel called Wine Library TV, my descent down the rabbit hole of internet entrepreneurship began.

First I started selling affiliate products as I had none of my own, then came my first ebook, some live workshops and events and then a second ebook, some client coaching, some more workshops, some more clients a video course I had professionally filmed and so on.

As I became more connected to others in the online business community, attending LIVE events, joining courses etc, I started to see something occurring.

People sharing openly about how much revenue they were making through their online business.

Of course I loved it. Because it opened my mind up to the potential of what is possible for each of us, but my more realistic, scientist husband pointed out to me that how could we know for sure this was exactly what people were making? And warned me about being too gullible.

And another thought was, these people who were openly sharing how much they were making and how they were spending their money, were also rubbing shoulders in the same communities with their own customers. How did that make them feel, knowing that their money was being ‘bragged’ about openly in front of others, while possibly they were still paying off their program on credit.

Perhaps I am a traditionalist or maybe I even have ‘money-blocks’ but how I grew up, it was rude to talk about your financials or to even ask others to share them.

I realise in a time where authenticity and transparency are the modus operandi, that this is why so many people are willing to and expect others to share this kind of information, but for me, it’s not cool when someone asks me how much do I earn doing what I do. And yes it happens.

It’s only one part of the picture for me.

There is so much more to understand if you were to talk financials like:

  • what were your expenses?
  • what were your total working hours?
  • how’s your self care?
  • what are your business/life goals?
  • how’s your business positioned for growth?
  • how often do you launch or have a campaign?
  • what is your business model?
  • is it sustainable?

So with that in mind, I tread very carefully and non judgmentally to those that do openly share their income and revenues on the interwebs for everyone to see, because yes I do still like it and find it inspiring, but I also use discernment too and don’t believe everything I read on the internet.

I just don’t think you’ll see me revealing mine anytime soon even if I do hit the $1million dollar mark this year ;)

Oops! There I let the cat out of the bag.

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