Preach to a thousand people
Jeremiah Thomas

You guys are SO refreshing & encouraging with your genuine desire to be real & meet with people.

Just love, love, love it. Thankyou so much

I so want to let you know how delighted, refreshed & encouraged we have been by you both & your ministry together.

So AMAZING to meet with you guys with the connection over Instagram…..FROM Rochester New York….. TO us here in Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

See, you have a global ministry already!!LOL

This only serves to remind me how God has the whole world in his hand & can use us all to touch & impact people for Him with our lives in the most profound, miraculous ways. Again, I thankyou.

We are both Pastors. A title & calling you don’t lose or shake off. In 2008, my husband broke his back & badly damaged his knee & ankle in an accident. But, the good news is ……after multiple operations over several years( thankyou surgeons) & finding his healing & relief in God( PRAISE GOD), we are back to God’s business. We are currently in preparation & prayer about how this will transform.

A BIG God Bless you