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Back in the bad old 80s, when trendy businessmen wore starched shirts and suspenders, I had an IT boss who LOVED to stay on top of the latest MBA sayings-soon-to-be-cliches because it proved he was current. He was a Bill Lumbergh wanna be but very insecure, which I and the IT Programming Manager picked up on. We had a Monday morning meeting with him every week just before we met with the entire IT staff. So the Prog Mgr and I would get together for coffee about 10 min. before our meeting with “Bill”and figure out a new cliche, which we both sprinkled liberally around in our verbal reports. Then we would go to the staff meeting and wait to see how many times “Bill” used it while giving his staff pep-talk. It made a soulless corporate job a little more bearable.

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