Good Thing It’s Trump Running

If the GOP had not backed Trump as their candidate, Democrats would be having an even harder time than we are. While it’s true that the GOP is now reaping the whirlwind of cultivating the far Right, the Democratic party is gleaning the field from that whirlwind.

I am proud to be a liberal, but I haven’t always been proud to be a Democrat. One reason; the Dixiecrats of the South who pushed back against racial equality for decades. Another reason, the last 30 years of Democrats forgetting the unions, the working class people, and focusing on the bankers, the stock market, the hedge-fund hustlers and anyone else who could help make them rich and donate big-time to the party.

While Trump’s most high-profile supporters seem to be crazy racists and homophobes, not all of them are. Like me, they didn’t get included in the economic recovery. Like me, they lost their houses, their work, their medical coverage. The ACA may have eliminated pre-existing conditions, but it couldn’t stop the insurance companies from trying to wring every last bit of profit out of people who are required by law to have coverage. Every year since I’ve been enrolled, I’ve seen my premiums go up by the hundreds of percent and if I was not eligible for Medicare next year, I would be wondering how I would pay those premiums or how I would pay the penalty for not having insurance. The economy has gotten better under Obama, but the benefits have not trickled down any more than the money trickled down under Reagan or the Bushes.

These people and I feel that our party turned its back on them. Unlike me, these people have gone to the GOP. I believe they have made the wrong choice. But I have to be a little grateful that Trump is the candidate. If the GOP had fielded a better candidate, this election would be even more difficult for the Democratic party. And that difficulty would have been earned.