My Eat Pray Love

Yesterday I was cajoled into watching Eat Pray Love. The timing was so convenient as I was thrown a major curveball this weekend (I’ll explain later) and needed uplifting. For the first few scenes I was not a fan of Julia Robert’s character. I thought she was a spoiled and privileged woman who decided to get divorced because marriage didn’t fit her lifestyle anymore. After delving deeper into the movie, Robert’s character began to change. I even saw myself in her (minus the man problems). Maybe it was time for some self-discovery.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, (Julia Roberts) I had recently suffered a set back and was trying to understand what my next move should be. Although I’m not in a position where I can travel to Italy, India and Bali (because I’m in college) I looked to other ways I could have an Eat Pray Love experience.


I love to cook. Since moving into my first apartment with my four best friends I’ve been obsessed with strengthening my cooking skills. Unfortunately I made one too many pasta dishes and it was time for something lighter. I thought what better time to go on a detox/cleanse/diet then now. So this is my “eat”. Instead of traveling to Italy and indulging in pizzas, napoleons and pasta (although that sounds amazing) I will cleanse myself. I figured feeling healthy would bring me closer to overcoming my setback (you know the saying when you feel good you look good) On Monday I start my detox tea. I’m cutting out all breads, pastas, and sweets.


Talking to God will always solve problems. He’s the medicine man. After receiving my disappointing news (the setback which I prefer not to name) I was so shocked and disappointed. I thought to myself what happens now? What do I do after not getting something I worked so hard for? I already accepted the idea that life challenges are inevitable but I wanted to get out of this “woe is me” funk forever. So I looked at my list of 2016 goals. I thought to myself, wow there’s so much left to accomplish, there’s so much left to gain. So I prayed. I asked God to guide me in a new direction that would lead to success and happiness. I asked him to continue to give me strength as I work towards my next goal.


I realized that a setback was necessary for me to grow. I used to hate hearing that before because I thought it was an excuse people made for themselves to justify what happened. But I now understand that it was vital to my growth. It made me more appreciative of my life. I have so much love already surrounding me. I noticed how strong of a support system I had in my friends; family and boyfriend. Love helped ease the pain and love will keep me going.

For me, Eat Pray Love will be a lifestyle. My hurdle taught me I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. The energy towards reaching my new goal will be even stronger. Like Elizabeth, I have a new outlook on life and I’m ready to make a comeback.