When You Can’t Be the Person The Internet Wants You to Be
Felicia C. Sullivan

I loved everything about this post. (Total judgment, right?!) We can’t help it, that’s what minds do — they judge 24/7. It seems like you’re seeing reality pretty clearly. With tremendous empathy and compassion for yourself and others. Life is REALLY hard sometimes, even harder than words can express. But two things came through loud and clear in your post. First, when you practice seeing clearly, you don’t add to the pain you’re already experiencing. That primary pain that sometimes comes with just being alive. Somehow when you keep moving, putting one foot in front of the other, keep doing the opposite of what the self-defeating pull of depression and fear tell you to do, you make it through. Stronger and wiser. The other thing is that you’re allowing your friends to love you, and with this post you made some new friends, and now we’re loving you too. That’s worth a lot. Even if it doesn’t fix anything, it’s worth a lot.

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