Okay… a few issues with this “article”
Sam Davis

I’ll play. Do your own research, on real research sites, Sam Davis. The prechewed pablum coming out of your mouth is only fit to be scraped off your baby chin and stuffed back into your toothless mouth by those forming your “opinion.” Hillary invoking Bobby Kennedy?? How easy is it for others to insert smears in your head? Apparently super easy, tool. Just like this time, Hillary was winning in 2008 and idiots like you were hounding her to quit. So much so that the acronym WWTSBQ was in common use in response to the nonstop drumbeat for the winner to quit. Kind of like this year, when her winning by millions of votes (and more diverse votes than your cult hero is getting) is what you call “doing so badly.” In response to a direct question as to when she, tho winning, was going to quit the primary in 2008, Hillary recalled Bobby Kennedy’s continuing in a previous primary. And the same rightwing players inserting smears into the Sanders cult now, then made up this stupid “Clinton is a racist, she wants Obama assassinated” meme that tons of “liberal” men glommed onto, gleefully, out of context. You may be proud of the rightwing sexist lying memes you are spewing, Sam Davis, but that is just one example of why no one is replying to you. Also, you may think you’re an atheist, but real atheists don’t belong to cults. It’s anathema to them.

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