Whether individuals that post to the SegWit2x mailing list express the desire to “fire core” (which…

Even if we assume the original intention was to avoid splitting the community, NYA became, ironically, what’s causing the split. As of now it’s obvious that NYA is only making things worse. Why even continue pushing for something that clearly contradicts its purpose?

As for the mailing list — Bitcoin has no central governance. You cannot say opinions expressed on the mailing list don’t matter and they’re not binding. There’s no upper management to make official statements, there’s no executives or managers who are more privileged than others. Values and opinions expressed by B2X supporters and, most importantly, developers is the best representation of what to expect from that “branch” in the future, whether they were expressed on the mailing list, Twitter or Reddit. They show the way of reasoning, thought process and values of people who push B2X forward.

I’ve read enough to know that what B2X represents is very, very far from what got me into Bitcoin in the first place.