Just clone the workspace bellow and you are ready to go.

Angular 8, Sass and Bootstrap 4.x.x workspace

We love Stackblitz at Inflight IT. It helps us to easily create a workspace where we can put our experiments and, mainly, the firsts drafts of our sharable components and, since one of our projects uses AngularJS (8.x), scss and ng-bootstrap (with Bootstrap v4.x.x), we often need a workspace like this one to do some magic 🎩.

Let’s craft our hammer

First and foremost we create a new Angular workspace and there we have an Angular project set up for free 👌🏻

Image for post
Image for post — start a new workspace

After creating a new…

Image for post
Image for post

First things first: RxJs takeWhile has no trap whatsoever, however, I ran into a small bug while using it in my code that took me some time to understand — and I figured it would be an interesting case to share.

When it comes to subscribers that should be removed after some action/ event (on a component’s destroy, after some configuration is done, etc.), I have a rule of thumb:

takeWhile((value) => shouldThisSubscriptionBeAlive(value))

this way I ensure that I don’t leave unnecessary subscribers “alive”. Nevertheless, it should be used carefully to avoid scenarios like the one I came across. 😬

Nuno Rocha de Sousa

Being developer and tech consultant I am responsible for taking the projects through the right direction and bring the most significant talents to the team.

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