Struggles in Scripting

A month ago, I was barely able to spell ‘Javascript’. Four weeks on and my spelling has improved and my overall understanding has come a long way but I still struggle to get started when faced with a wall of empty Javascript file. The syntax seems so disjointed and incoherent at times to me when compared to more straight-forward languages like HTML or CSS. When analyzing JS line by line, I can usually interpret the purpose and implementation of functions but when put all together or faced with creating a JS file from scratch, part of my brain freezes.

Ciphering through the vast world of frameworks, spinoffs and different variations of Javascript sometimes feels like one giant puzzle. All of these different pieces make up a larger understanding of the language. Right now, I feel as though I have all the pieces in front of me. A minimal amount of the pieces have been put together around the outer corners. I understand core concepts and can implement a decent amount of the language in a given situation. However, the bulk of the pieces, that will form the whole picture are still in disarray. Reinforcement and practice will eventually pull these pieces into order, but it is a slow crawl up that mountain.

By far, Javascript has been the most challenging and time-consuming language that I have tried to wrap my head around. Do not misunderstand, HTML and CSS took a few years of practice to get to the level I am at this point, but I felt I was making more strides and milestones a lot quicker and earlier along the way. Javascript concepts and implementations may take as much as two weeks at a time to really set in. JS is a lot more complex and it would make sense it would require more work and more dynamic excercises to understand. I truly think this makes JS stand on its own among the programming languages. While it may not be the most heralded or legendary since it is still technically a front-end language, its vast underbelly of frameworks and variations makes it easily the most complicated and deserving of a novice developer’s respect. The wave of JS can be conquered but it takes a lot of patience and a willingness to be overwhelmed and consumed at first, before you can get up on your feet.

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