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A bold Step

Rochas Foundation
Jan 20, 2018 · 2 min read

When Ochiagha Chinonso started her poultry farm with just about $300 some months ago, she never thought she will receive an investment of $2, 800. She’s an alumnus of the Rochas Foundation College where she was trained to take initiatives. Her bold step of launching out on her own has been greatly rewarded. She lives in Eastern part of Nigeria, in the city of Owerri.

The Investment

At the just concluded Rochas Foundation Old Student Association (ROFOSA) South-East Conference, she was empowered with $2, 800 to boost her business. “I am full of Joy and a very big thank you to the Rochas Foundation she says”

(Middle): Director General of Rochas Foundation Mrs Uloma Rochas with Ochiaga Chinonso (right)

The Challenge

In the words of Nelson Mandela ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. This is one major reason the United Nations stipulated mandate of 26% of budget or 5% of GDP on education Investment both on Federal and State levels. According to BBC news publication on 25th July 2017, Nigeria has the ‘largest number of out-of-school’ children in the world. (10.5 million children out of school)

Unfortunately, in the 2018 Nigeria budget, only 7.2% was stipulated for education. This is a far cry from 26% United Nations mandate. In Nigeria, the investment on education is still very low and sadly, the government seems not ready to bring a change in this regard. In the words of the Permanent Secretary of the Nigeria ministry of education, Adamu Hussaini at the opening of the 62nd National Council on Education (NCE) in Kano State Nigeria, he said, “No nation can achieve economic prosperity without a sound, inclusive and functional education system. The security and stability of the country, to a large extent, depends on its ability to provide functional education to its citizens.”

Rochas Foundation Old Student Association South-East Conference

Through the Rochas Foundation, with a vision to make education free and accessible to every less privileged African child, regardless of tribe, religion, or class has provided free education for over 15, 000 children in Nigeria and across Africa.

About the Author

Sammy Damilola is a Creative Writer and Education Activist.

Photo credit: Daniel Folley

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We are advocating every African Child’s right to quality basic education

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