What comes to mind when you think of the words “Shiny object syndrome?”

Something like this:

  • All over the place
  • So many things, but never finished
  • Giant list of things to do that you’ll never catch up on
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Oooo, exciting and helpful resources for FREE or cheap!!
  • Can’t keep focused on one thing so I never get ANYTHING done 100%

Mostly bad stuff, though, right? It’s something that’s better to NOT have.

In the online business industry, if you’ve got shiny object syndrome then you’ve got a PROBLEM, not a gift. We all agree on that.

So yea, what happens when a high-digit multiple figure coach gets on a live group coaching video call, and openly says when it’s my turn,

“Rochelle, I feel like your business is a shiny object business.”

Not a compliment, right?

And yet… I wasn’t offended.

I’ve been told by my life coach (a different one, not this particular business coach) that I’m really good at being self aware, which is something other people don’t pick up so easily. I think that’s why I can be so feisty and spicy and not give a shit what people think.

Okay fine, most of the time I don’t care. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings on purpose but I also don’t like to caudle and pretend it’s okay to hide and stay safe in your little “broke as fuck” bubble. Blame it on the half-horse half-man #sagittarius personality. ;)

Two lessons learned from the “almost insult:”

#1 Getting triggered and questioning yourself isn’t always a bad thing.

I did have a moment of “who the flip are you to say that,” but only for a split second. Cause in a way she was right. I can bust out a mean freebie in very little time and get people to sign up for it. That’s exactly what a lead magnet is. If your lead magnet isn’t shiny, no one will notice it glinting in all the BS out there. Just sayin’.

But I also know I provide value that’s so much more than just a one-off shiny object for everyone. In fact, I’m CONSTANTLY telling people to stop signing up for every freebie, stop getting suckered into high ticket packages you weren’t already searching for. I know that if people stick around and take my advice, major shifts can happen.

It actually felt pretty good to re-affirm all that to myself while I consider her words. Re-affirming something inside yourself is always a good thing!

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On with the show…

#2 You gotta have a thick skin and some MAJOR big-ball confidence to hack it as an online entrepreneur.

Going into business for yourself is NOT for the faint of heart. You can’t let every offensive thing on the internet offend you.

Also, not everyone is out to get you.

Not everyone who says something offensive is evil.

And… your triggers are your responsibility.

There, I said it.

Jack Canfield once used the analogy in a workshop where he said “If someone came up to you and said, ‘You have green hair,” would you be offended?”

The answer, of course, is no. Because you know it’s not true. (Unless you have green hair, in which case, awesome! And you still wouldn’t be offended.)

Same goes for when people say things that trigger you.

If it’s not true, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

But if it triggers you, that’s probably something to look into.

By the way, that analogy is something I learned back in 2013 from the Audio CD “Maximum Confidence by Jack Canfield” {affiliate link} and, I know people throw this a lot, but it changed my life.

That audio book made me quit my cushy high paying, fully benefited job in Napa (yes, that Napa) and dive into my first venture as an entrepreneur.

It’s powerful stuff.

It’s a little corny at times (what old recording isn’t, ya know?) but if you can get past that, it’s a REALLY good one to keep on hand.


Be confident in your decisions. If you don’t feel confident, ask for help. If you don’t know who to ask for help, start with me because obviously. :)


Deep breath. I know that was a lot of information for one blog post.

Whatever you do, feel confident in your decisions. Don’t let people trigger you. Do everything you can to make sure this business you’re building feels AMAZING so you can keep it up and make lots of money, long term.

I believe in you!

Rochelle Sanchez

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