Why Meditation May Not Work For You

Meditation sounds like magic, but many people struggle with it. This is a personal story of failure with the practice.

Why I Tried Meditation

Download an app, spend a few minutes a day, and transform how you feel. Sounds like magic!

What I Tried

The car was the closest thing to an ideal meditation environment I could find — a closed environment, easily made quiet, with comfortable seating.

Why I Struggled

The Practice Itself

Prioritizing Time

Return on Investment

I wanted to love meditating. I wanted it to change my life. I wanted to be a person who meditates.

What I’m Doing Instead

Less Caffeine

More Exercise, Earlier


Cactus is part daily gratitude, part mindfulness, and part guided self-reflection — all wrapped up in a delightful design.

What will work for you?

Product at @modernhealthco | Past: @itscalledcactus, @stitchfix, @bluebottleroast, @tonxcoffee, and @yahoo. http://scottrocher.com

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