Ladies of the Hillhouse track team shows their competition they came to win!

By: Adrianna Rochester & Abigail O’Keefe

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The boys of the James Hillhouse Track and Field team came out to support their fellow teammates of the girls team at their most April 14th,2016 meet. Like a true family community, members of the team and onlookers cheered the ladies on as Hillhouse started off strong at its meet at Wilbur Cross. Members of both Hillhouse track teams gathered on the bleachers to get psyched prior to the event.

Wearing navy blue and white, the girl’s beat their competition — West Haven and Guilford high school track teams — in the first event of the day.

“Yes! Run faster, faster, faster!” cheered supporters from the bleachers as the ladies began running, with Hillhouse taking the lead in the four by four event.

From the moment the gun fired, Hillhouse had a nearly half track lead for the entirety of the relay. As athletes made their way back to the starting point, the crowd’s excitement was palpable. Cries of “Let’s go, ‘House,” could be heard from the supporters off the field. The runners from West Haven and Guilford could not beat Hillhouse, but the race for second place was very close. Ultimately, West Haven edged out Guilford at the finish line.

The next event was the four by one relay, which Hillhouse also won. The relays were followed by the hurdles. The setup required some time and rearranging, but with help from other members of the Hillhouse track family everything was where it needed to be. Once the event started, girls from all three teams came leaping down the track. All of the athletes competed gracefully, which is to say that no one knocked over any hurdles.

Ladies from the Hillhouse, West Haven and Guilford girl’s track teams during their high jump event. Photo by: Adrianna Rochester

Darrell Brown, assistant coach of the Hillhouse track teams took control of keeping the meet organized and started each event in a timely fashion. “I need legs on the track, ladies!” yelled Brown prior to the start of each event.

During the meet Brown stayed in the forefront of everything. Besides taking charge of the meet, he and other students on the team helped to get the track ready after each event.

Assistant Coach, Darrell Brown of Hillhouse gets the Cross track ready for the high jumps. Photo by: Adrianna Rochester

Coach Michele Moore of the ladies track team was also present at the meet, however compared to Brown she remained off the field but was still very vigilant and involved with the entire meet. Multiple times Moore and Brown were seen conferencing with one another on the field during the meet.

The early spring weather provided favorable conditions for the runners. Though the Hillhouse girls were not technically on their home field, the backdrop of East Rock made for a scenic meet. A flock of Canadian geese were briefly spectators of the event as they stopped to graze on the football field.

The new track at Hillhouse won’t be completed until sometime in May. Until the bleachers and entrance around the already finished track are sound, all Hillhouse home games will take place at Wilbur Cross.

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