Sales Negotiation Process Solution

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About the project

The problem

  • The sales team worked with spreadsheets which made it very difficult to maintain and consolidate.
  • Communication between members of the sales team was inefficient (phone and email).
  • The approval process was managed both through email and telephone.
  • Reporting activities were costly because they did not have consolidated data.
  • Coding in SAP the negotiations were 100% manual, so apart from the time wasted, it caused coding errors. Consequently errors in customers' orders and therefore rework.
  • There was no visibility of the process in other departments/areas of the organisation.

Proposed solution

  • Negotiate both Offline/Online with the customers.
  • Automate customer notifications by sending emails with negotiations, details of the negotiations and keeping the customer informed when the negotiations are finally approved.
  • Integrate within the APP all the information needed for the negotiating process, as data and market evolution, historical, comparative, etc.
  • Have an instant messaging system built into the APP for sending/receiving messages broadcast to all members of the sales team.
  • Implement the negotiation approval flow by the managers.
  • Keep devices synchronised with the central platform.
  • Implement security mechanisms for managing devices and users.

User flow


  • Users preferred to group the negotiations by status.
  • Users value the option of having messages on the same screen.
  • Users asked for a quick way to send a message.
Wireframes were made with Fireworks and prototype on PowerPoint

UI Design

Results Obtained

  • High acceptance of the solution by the users.
  • Improved productivity of sales teams.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness between members of the sales team.
  • Sharing of information between members of the sales team.
  • Minimisation of approval negotiation times.
  • Reduction of the cost associated with the negotiation process.
  • Increased commercial advantage in negotiations.



Product designer

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