Property Management: The Smart and Efficient Way to Manage Positive Vendor Relationships

Rocio Cordero
3 min readJan 25, 2019


If you’re a property manager, you’re well-aware that your company’s reputation is heavily based on your ability to successfully maintain your client’s valued assets.

Many times, multiple vendors are needed to help you meet your client’s expectations and setup the property for its best showing. Choosing the right vendor to perform restoration is crucial to customer service, cost efficiency, quality and business development. Therefore, sourcing top-notch vendors has a direct effect on your company’s bottom line. The vetting process alone involves hours of research and performing due diligence before contracting with the best provider.

Once the selection process is complete, relationship management is ongoing. Managing vendors and their access to your properties can be time-consuming and tedious. However, nurturing relationships can help break the infinite cycle of searching for new vendors.

Now, let’s look at a solution that can help you efficiently manage multiple vendors without leaving your office.

Automated Leasing Platforms with Built-in Vendor Management Features

ShowingHero is the only automated leasing platform that provides you with a vendor portal feature. This vendor-centric feature allows you to house all your vetted maintenance providers for total control of who accesses your properties and when. The convenience factor also extends to your vendors by allowing them immediate access to your properties without any added hassle. A simple text to your designated vendor hotline gives them an instant, one-time code to the property.

Accountability, Monitoring and Savings Bonus

This vendor portal sends you a notification each time the property is accessed; this provides information and automated documentation. Instant access for your vendors without providing a static code? That’s peace of mind on a silver platter. By not providing a static code to your property, you enhance security measures and ensure accountability. Time-stamped logs allow you to remain aware of important factors like time worked, job inspections and overall peace of mind knowing that things are getting done right and on time.

Monitoring multiple vendors is nearly impossible when your focus should be on closing as many doors as possible to appease your clients. The ability to monitor exactly when a vendor enters and leaves a property helps you ensure they are meeting contractual terms. Since your vendors are an extension of your company, it is your duty to make sure they are performing in an ethical and legal manner.

The ability to provide and receive automation has improved business to business relationships drastically. In the busy and competitive world of property management, time and cost savings is paramount. Choosing software that can streamline as much of your tasks as possible can help is the best way to maximize growth.

A True Win/Win

Vendors play a pivotal role in property management so nurturing these relationships can help you save costs, decrease vendor turnover and reap remarkable company reviews. Time is money for both parties so providing them instant access allows them to get in and get to work so you can focus on growing your brand name with marketing efforts, customer service or your next rewarding business strategy. Now that’s bright.