Nodebots event at jsconf us 2013 / matthew bergman - @fotoverite

International NodeBots Day

JavaScript isn’t just for the web anymore

On July 27, 2013, hackers all around the world will gather in their local communities and build stuff.

What they will build is a total mystery, though we can be sure that — at a minimum — there will be things you never expected. (It’s this unbridled sense of possibility that makes NodeBots events so exciting!)

At the first official NodeBots event at JSConf US 2013, we saw:

… and all of them were programmed with JavaScript over the course of roughly 5 hours. Many of the participants had never done any hardware hacking prior to the event.

The idea behind NodeBots came from Chris Williams, perhaps best known for co-founding JSConf, the premier JavaScript conference. He wrote what may be considered the NodeBots manifesto and sparked a flame in the JavaScript community. He also wrote node-serialport, the basis of which makes NodeBots possible.

International NodeBots Day was created by Daniel Shaw (dshaw) as a way to come together to learn, create and explore hardware hacking as a community. The event was inspired by this year’s closing JSConf keynote and builds upon the success of Hardware Hack Weekend. It is dshaw’s hope that NodeBots events will become a regular local gathering opportunity much in the way that BeerJS did.

Whether you’re struggling with how to put a 9V battery in your smoke detector or you’ve been building robots for a decade, there will be something for you to do at your local NodeBots hack event.

Learn to solder. Connect sensors (buttons, sliders, etc) to actuators (motors, servos, etc) via an Arduino with the aid of Johnny-Five. Join a sumo bot team. Print parts on a 3D printer. Most of all, discover the joys (and frustrations, followed by bigger joys) of working with things that physically break when there’s a bug in your code. (Embrace the magic blue smoke!) And make some of the best friends of your life while doing it.

Interested in joining in on the fun? Join a local event or start one of your own! Learn more at

Whether you decide to participate in International NodeBots Day or not, be sure to follow @nodebots and @nodebotsday. Want to go even deeper? Maybe use something other than node.js? Get a ticket to RobotsConf and interact with other roboticists!

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